Although it’s been out a few years, and the pandemic “changed everything” a Culture Crash: The Killing of the Creative Class, by Scott Timberg highlights much of the angst about the revolutionary changes we have seen in the creative economy. It’s a great read on the state of getting paid…

Cat Leadership scene from the American Dream Mall, NJ

The Difference Between a Leader and a Manager

I was listening to a tech podcast the other day that reminded me of an important element of what makes a team successful. A team, in this context, is just an informal way of defining whatever organization happens to be in place. The subject of this All In podcast was…

What happens if that lap top you are using dies?

We tend to think of insurance as a financial instrument that covers us in the case of a loss. Remote working is not for the risk adverse.

Having a laptop with all your important files on it is risky when…

Thanks for the link Danielle. Yes, the service sector retail is part of the equation, but from an urban economic development pov, the larger issue looms when cities can't collect employment taxes (Philadelphia and San Francisco) and property values based on the lease demand/values along with infrastrcture to mass transit cast a great unknown shadow.

The pace of technology adoption has never been faster, which is why we are seeing reports about the new features of autonomous driving introduced by car manufacturers. The policy implications from a land use and development standpoint are significant. Before you scoff at the idea of how driverless cars will…

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